Future Rave Music makes its debut with ‘Ken Bauer – Sacrifice’!

If you’re looking for a track that epitomises the new sound of Future Rave – we might be able to help. Swedish producer Ken Bauer is delivering his latest fresh cut and it is an absolute banger. There is a reason this producer is on the lips of some of the industry’s biggest names. “Sacrifice” is a melodic journey through the subconscious. With powerful synthesis, the listener is transported to the beaches of sunnier climes.

Ken Bauer’s “Sacrifice” brings out a new world of rave music

As the track builds, the synths layer and melodies intertwine with one another. Beautiful vocals enter and bring an ethereal feeling to the atmosphere. As the percussion builds we are brought back to life and left amazed by the drop. Big beats, a huge bassline and synths swirling around the soundscape – this is an instant classic. The extended mix is even bigger, which we are certain will be seeing some action on live shows and streams over the coming months.

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