Going Down

Enveak & L’Étrange M. Redan makes their debut on Future Rave Music with “Going Down”.

Going Down” is an epic Future Rave anthem with beautiful female vocals, powerful reeze stabs and sharp saw leads. All accompanied with a powerful sub bass and hypnotic arpeggiated synths.

This track will work wonders for both the club and your playlist.

Enveak aka Gaëtan Pinheiro (Born in September 1991) is a french dj producer. Living in Paris, he has a passion for producing electronic dance music. He likes to show his universe through a musical harmony and dynamic work. Enveak has been known for his energic sets and his emotional music.

With his shivering melodies and huge drops, he will make you travel through the depths of your mind.

Valentin Renard started making music as a teenager. Over time, he wanted to expand his musical universe and his taste for the 19th century inspired him to create a character, L’Étrange M. Redan

Who is L’Étrange M. Redan? This strange 28 years old man is an artist who comes from the 19th century, he is French from Paris. His music, his universe and his look, is the perfect translation of « weirdness ». Beware ladies and gentlemen because when the night comes you will get involved in a creepy but extremely powerful, dark and deep atmosphere… Nothing can stop L’Étrange. This man already got support from Artists from the 21th century. How is this possible you will say… That is strange!

L’Étrange M. Redan will give you thrills by the power of his songs, which are inspired from the darkness, but sometimes with a little bit of brightness. Are you ready to spend a night in the club with him?

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